One Act

One Act is a bystander education training program implemented at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill which aims to end interpersonal violence on campus by empowering bystanders to intervene.

What One Act will YOU do?

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Its Gender Week, and today one of our own One Act peer educators and Advisory Board Coordinator, Alison Grady, is being awarded the University Awards for the Advancement of Women.  Come today from 3:30 – 5:00 pm to the Anne Queen Faculty Commons Room, Campus Y. Join us in recognizing the faculty, staff, and students whose work has improved the lives of women at Carolina. Co-sponsored by the Offices of the Chancellor and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

Also, today’s challenge for Gender Week is:


Enforcement of a binary system of gender plays out in many ways, including our physical space.

What if you were:

-a personal care giver for someone who had a different sex than you, and you needed to help them use the restroom

-the parent of a child of a different sex and wanted to ensure their safety in the restroom

-gender non-conforming and regularly encountered harassment and threatening actions in the restroom

In any of these cases, you might look for a safe place to go. Stand in solidarity with the many folks who have reasons to find a gender neutral bathroom, and try to find one yourself. Be a knowledgeable ally and be able to locate and share information about inclusive restrooms.